Innovation in Cybersecurity is What Drives Charles Leaver

Chuck LeaverFew in the tech industry would disagree that Charles Leaver is an highly skilled and knowledgeable innovator in an industry that can only thrive through constant innovation. He fully understands virtually all aspects of tech and cyber security. A lot of his knowledge comes with experience, which is extensive and includes the areas of application software and infrastructure technologies, ERP, Web application development, e-learning, and gaming, among others. More than anything, Chuck Leaver is considered by most in the tech sector to be someone who has demonstrated a penchant for successfully guiding companies into positions where they push the edge of technology and move companies into new markets.

Charles Leaver, who currently serves as the chief executive officer for cybersecurity giant Ziften, came into the security sector of the technology space in a rather natural manner, when he managed, operated and even owned several technologically advanced lottery systems in South America, Asia and Europe. Since then, and even before, Charles has been able to demonstrate an ability to bring new technologies to market and show an impressive return on that investment. At one time or another, Chuck Leaver has been involved in every aspect of the high-tech an mobile markets, as well as many other aspects of fostering innovation.

In addition to securing many important patents that led the way to new technological advances, Charles Leaver has shown himself capable of devising and successfully executing some quite complex business plans, but he has also shown himself capable of raising and directing large amounts of capital to build out innovative, cutting-edge organizations from scratch. With Chuck’s extensive experience in the entire tech field, Ziften is in a great position to make strides over the next phase of the technological revolution.

Chuck Leaver Is The Chief Executive Officer Of Ziften

Chuck LeaverChuck Leaver is the Chief Executive Officer of Ziften, a company that has continually development high quality software solutions for their clients. It is a company that has high ambitions and the ability to achieve them thanks to the personnel that are in place. Ziften is the type of company that bring cutting edge software solutions to companies with twenty-first century problems. Ziften provides reasonably-priced software solutions for their clients because they know that with reasonable prices and high quality software, they are guaranteed to be successful in the long run. Chuck Leaver has been involved with Ziften for awhile, as he previously served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the company. This means that when he took over as CEO of Ziften he knew what was expected of him and he is well aware of the issues that the company has had in the past prior to him taking over as CEO. Prior to working with Ziften, Chuck Leaver had worked as a Partner in a venture capital firm based in Austin, Texas, named Trellis Partners.

Chuck Leaver is an experienced businessman who is familiar with the high tech field. For three decades he kept up with the changing trends and cutting edge of the high tech world. He wanted to be able to keep pace with the fast-changing high tech world and he has certainly been able to do that. The problem is that in order to run a successful high tech company you have to do more than just keep the pace, you have to set it. Chuck Leaver has consistently been able to do just that.

Chuck Leaver was born for leadership roles and his history of success speaks to that. He has been involved with, and successful in, just about every level of management that exists in the business world. Chuck Leaver’s experience at all levels of management means that he understands exactly how the chain of command works and why it sometimes doesn’t. He is proud to be involved with Ziften and excited about the growth and success the future holds.